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a guide to got7 by tumblr user kimseokjins…. enjoy


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Countdown to WINNER’s debut D-12 Who Is Next Ep. 10
*editors’ note: I may or not may have been crying while making this gifset

Forgot to add something and I just can’t keep it in. I always carefully choose the moments to gif, of course being this episode 10 I just couldn’t not gif the final announcement but I also giffed some of the backstage for many reasons, one of them being the 6th gif. The gif is really small but if you remember the video, Taehyun asks “We won’t be disbanded right?” with a shaky voice, looking straight at Mino. Now, leaving all possible Namsong lectures aside, why does he look at Mino? In my opinion, it’s because everyone knows Mino is the mood-maker of the group. Seunghoon said more than once that when things got tough, Mino was always the one cheering them all up. But look at this scene. Mino doesn’t say anything throughout the whole dialogue. He just stays silent and tries to smile. In the 4th gif you can even see him almost on the verge of tears (look closely at his face in the last frames) while Taehyun talks about how they’ll have different clothes (one team with the ‘official YG artists’ fashion while the other will still be trainees) the next time they meet. Maybe he’s the most worried of them all, or maybe he’s just the one who can’t hide his feelings at all, not in that moment.

So Taehyun looks for some reassurance and of course he looks at Mino because he’s always that one hyung ready to say ‘let’s be positive!’ but this time he doesn’t have words for the members or even himself. And I think it’s one of the most heartbreaking scenes I’ve seen throughout this whole hell of a survival. 

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